how to find archived posts on instagram 2021 (2023)

How to Archive Post on Instagram - Unarchive Post on Instagramhi friends today we will show you how

How To See Your Archived Stories on Instagram (2021) | Instagram Tips and Tricks

How To See Your Archived Stories on Instagram (2021) | Instagram Tips and Tricks

stories have been one of the biggest,social network features of the last few,years,snapchat rolled them out first but now,every social network from whatsapp to,Instagram has stories there's also been,a shift away from disappearing messages,people no longer seem to really want the,photos they take to vanish into the,ether to that and Instagram has added a,story archive now when you create an,Instagram story it's automatically saved,to the archive in this particular video,we are gonna show you that how you can,approach those archived stories on your,Instagram feed and the different,operations you can perform with them,before we move forward if this is your,first time visiting my channel make sure,you hit the big red button which says,subscribe and also don't forget to turn,on notifications by clicking the bell,icon to get notified about all the,upcoming notifications from the channel,we focus on the videos of social media,tech and sometimes we are here with,business secondly do follow us on,instagram the link to our instagram page,is given in description and also shown,on the screen right now remember that we,reply to every single message sent to us,in a very short period of time so,interested learn stay tuned to get to,know what the heck i'm gonna do,you

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How to Archive and Unarchive Instagram Posts

How to Archive and Unarchive Instagram Posts

hey everyone welcome back to my youtube,channel where i talk about,email services social media,troubleshooting and latest trends in,today's video i'm gonna walk you through,some simple steps to archive and,unarchive your posts on instagram so,let's get started with the video,so if you want to archive a photo or,hide a photo without deleting it,permanently or without losing likes then,here is a trick for you open the,instagram app and make sure you are,logged in now tap the profile icon at,the bottom right corner,and this will take you to your instagram,profile now to archive a photo you have,to look for a photo and,open it,for example this is the one i want to,archive now you have to tap the menu,icon the three dots at the top right,and here you will get the option to,archive this photo so you have to press,that,and if you will go back as you can see,the photo got disappeared from my,profile now it hasn't got deleted you,can still get it back with the same,likes intact so i will show you how but,for example we are going to archive one,more photo so for example that's the,photo i want to archive so press the,menu icon and tap archive,so that's how you can archive any of,your photo but you have to do it one by,one you cannot archive or hide,all posts at same time,now to make it visible again you have to,tap the menu icon at the top right the,three horizontal lines and then you have,to press this archive option that you,can see right here,and here you will see all your post that,you have archived all right if you have,archived any story you can select this,drop down menu and you can choose,stories archive or live but for example,you just have made your post archive you,can select the post one and then you,have to open the photo that you want to,uh,show on your profile again so,open that photo press the menu icon and,then tap show on profile,so as you can see the photo has been,moved from the archive folder similarly,you can do this for this photo as well,so press the menu icon and tap show on,profile,now i'm gonna go back to my instagram,profile,and i'm gonna refresh it,so as you can see the photos,have appeared again here so that's how,you can archive and unarchive post on,instagram that was all for today's topic,if you have any suggestions for my next,videos you can mention that in the,comment box down below you can also,visit my website that is get,that has a lot of informational content,written by various expert writers and,for now i will take the leap we'll see,you the next time

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How To Archive Posts On Instagram

How To Archive Posts On Instagram

hi this is jason with dave's computer,tips with another how-to video for you,this one's on how to archive posts on,instagram that's right you can archive,your posts from your profile page um in,instagram which means you can save them,where no one else sees them so it just,puts it away takes it off your profile,and that's what i'm going to show you in,this video before we get going hit the,like on this video really helps out our,channel also hit the subscribe and the,notification bell so you don't miss out,on any new videos that come out weekly,on thursday we actually have,another video that's going to be coming,out which tells you about all the how-to,articles we've written as done by jim,hiller and make sure you check that out,because it gives you a link to all our,articles we have put out each week and,it's a great information you'll find,some great stuff there so make sure you,check that out too okay now let's start,this one so how do we do this first,thing is i'm using my motorola edge,android phone,and if you use an android phone this,work instagram pretty much is the same i,don't know if iphone has moved the menu,somewhere else but it should be pretty,close so let's find the instagram and,then we're gonna tap on instagram or app,there so once you're in,you're gonna look down at the bottom,right to the profile image of your face,in the circle tap on that then once you,do that you're in your profile now let's,say we want to archive one of our our um,posts so the first one i'm gonna do i'm,gonna do the first one the fun one this,one right here and i wanna archive it so,i'm gonna go up to the top the post,right here up to the top right is the,three dots one tap on that and then,you're gonna get this and see that,archive right there if it blurs in blurs,out whatever it is it's gonna be right,here,there it is,it's right there we're gonna tap on that,and it's archiving it so now it's gone,so what you're gonna notice if you go,back if you tap the back button here,you're going to see it's no longer on,the front page because it takes it off,your profile but let's say we want to go,find it and we want to see the archived,posts we have saved in our archive what,you want to do is you're going to look,on your profile page you're gonna look,to the top right hit the three lines for,the menu,and on the on the menu you're gonna see,here we're gonna get this the focus,you're gonna see,archive right there second from the top,under settings we're gonna tap on that,then once we do that this shows you it,put it right here as you can see sorry,about the blurriness but as you can see,it's right there we're going to tap on,that so actually before we tap on that,now you're under post archives this is,where all your archived posts are tap,the three dots up here at the top right,and this gives you some options so you,have settings let's go into settings see,what that does,under settings,save story to archive automatically save,your story to your archive so you don't,have to save it to your phone,only you can see your archive so you can,turn this on mine's on i like that,feature so i have that saved and turned,on in my settings if you go back,you're going to notice there is your,post so let's tap on one of the posts,real quick so i'm going to tap on the,one i just did there it is now if you,click the three dots again,you have other options you can delete it,totally or put it back on your profile,or remix this photo i'm not going to go,into that that's a little that's a,totally different place to go you can,click on or tap on show on profile,what's going to do it's going to bring,this up and warn you said your real will,show up or your your post is what it is,um up on your profile and people will be,able to see and interact with it again,so you just bring it back out of the,archive so i'll say show on phone and,now it does that now it's moved back so,we're gonna go back,and back and now we're back here and,we're gonna refresh by pulling down and,now it's back on my profile page and,then after that if you go back up to,archive,and you click on archive and look it's,gone now so now that's completely gone,so let's say,i'm gonna tap on this one now,this some of them give you a couple,different options it depends what you do,you can actually show or delete it um,this one you can do that that's your,post so that's how you can,one archive a post,and two find those archives and actually,move those back to your profile page or,delete them all together and that's how,you do it it's that easy and how to,archive posts on instagram and how to,find them also so hope this was helpful,to you guys uh make sure you hit the,like subscribe and notification bell and,there you go,make sure to check out dave's,,uh where all our articles are and make,sure to subscribe to this channel,and thanks for watching

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Instagram deleted photos recovery|how to recover deleted photos in instagram malayalam

Instagram deleted photos recovery|how to recover deleted photos in instagram malayalam

hi friends sell condoms Karim materially,kazhagam upward vehicle to some same,anomaly Instagram photo second delete a,key reconcile the killed another up,another video component I am Number Four,see the photos okay recovery and salic,you mean if you see an Instagram photo,second Krekorian Sally Came Polly number,namuci and a quarter say things in the,lane I'm not a in the Corsica hiding,under pardon the kingdom come o come,upon a Lanka be really cool,I don't know mainly channel now they,might not understand just some subscribe,there again I'm and a lunker something a,little bit ago hi friends aplomb KNM,mistakenly post telling in nominal,uploaded a photo saccharin mocha the,normal chain the core settings live,automatically the film does number but,just soon Amica Instagram no open Gia,Instagram or put in the session I'm okay,but IRA 8 entire area may run down on,profiler to kernel domain Ivana I with,Kia I will click Kimball I'm gonna I'm,gonna prevail the picture over him,pollen station on commander grand a,three-door cyclic here mayor country,toward cyclic came but the item could,say things near option Arnhem a Positano,click here as Ali click clear decision,I'm gonna try and enrich a lump in Ipoh,a corner option want an option me click,here adding session I'm good at America,so they can like original post in the,Ghana so again a polygon me click here a,little akimbo button I'm good sorry can,I save original post,I wasn't say boaster the photo save,posted videos - ok but moon enable to,the wiki another disabled on angle,Justin enables a weekend happy moon and,able to achieve here my mother fort,awesome with all the new media so number,gallery you say about him I'm adjusted,on the enables a the victim by enable,didn't don't know I don't know very,fishy but enable I linked it enables you,Ricky,additional material children yelling I'm,caught a privacy in her option and,silicon a privacy an option click Kimbo,I'm not a story inner option the ask,Turin option click here organization,namitha Tariq is probably the most,saving and adoption,sorry others safe - gallery I was safe,to RK even alone,random enables the other week you know,about just random and disabled learning,it and they enable to the weekend,are you could say either with you and I,think it's even normal the photo seldom,gallery we say about America was just,ever example and current serum and the,chamber movie scene here are then more,for uploaded it again DVT they run serum,well I'm Cora for top Claudia for the,report upload and I'm just gonna blow DN,a-- upload on the for top floor I didn't,know what's gonna be a tear again for,friends a PE uploaded the photon and,Alethea moon American three door cyclic,get deleted namitha about confirmed,deviation up a DVT though I for the void,and they Instagram a photo boy it endure,a photo Elaine delay I was Justin I'm,come back to Division II for Colombo,Galileo it Anoka gallery in oppa a file,manager opens here a file manager opens,a session Indian a storage Erica I'm,session what a silly poet Instagram and,a search via Instagram Satsuma can say,I'm default ah get a pop folder to,include Kia,either they click give it an encoder,canceled and I'm gonna uploaded the,photos of cavity ended up I ate to our,sign and I'm consoling him alive it in,the date I was in it I know they,uploaded a tiny Mona I was just a,thermos a by Trombley Instagram the,folder let's say wide bit I Nana,uploaded the photo any grandma but just,telling other in able to change enamel,DDT there are photos normal de gallo,really Instagram in the folder Lamonica,they became I think I surrender and try,a mocha oh man it has settings save to,Galleria those are safe to have camera,options okay enables you the vegetation,see the unity with J okay Instagram Lee,for the Sakura Korean significant baby,he settings okay enable on just Anoka,Alan session and I knocking a negative,Australia delete a photo Sakura Cory,Instagram laying any animal DDT photos,are there link that post normal recovery,I'm gonna do Appa gesturing and cereal,in the late second for the soccer,recovery and sorry American about guys,and LM not obedient okay welcome mr.,Patel negative no it stopped between,alike yeah coming here or a subscribe,see a markedly apart able to kill envied,American eats me and challenge us,anymore

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Instagram Couldn't Refresh feeds | 100% Problem Solved | Instagram Activity Couldn't Refresh feeds

Instagram Couldn't Refresh feeds | 100% Problem Solved | Instagram Activity Couldn't Refresh feeds

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Instagram Hacks you NEED in your LIFE 🤫🤫

Instagram Hacks you NEED in your LIFE 🤫🤫

hey everyone i'm nina zado with,sidewalker daily and in today's video i,want to talk about some of my favorite,instagram hacks whether you use,instagram,as a business whether you're using it as,a creator an influencer,i think that you guys are gonna love,these hacks because they just make life,so,so much easier um so i'm gonna go ahead,and be sharing my screen and showing you,guys how to do a few of these,so that you can hopefully use them and,they can improve,your instagram experience because i know,like you know instagram can be super,super overwhelming,and can also be a little bit of a time,suck so i'm hoping that these hacks,will help you be a more efficient,instagram user,now before i jump in a few things one if,you're new to our channel,welcome we talk about all things,influencer marketing and social media,so if you are interested in any of those,topics make sure you hit subscribe and,hit that little bell so you can be,notified,the next time we release a video which,is usually weekly we do our best to,release a new video on topics a week,and we have tons of videos all on things,instagram i will link that playlist,below so you can watch,all our instagram focus videos if that,is what you're interested in,so let's go ahead and start with a few,of our favorite hacks now the first hack,that i love,is the quick reply shortcut whether,you're sending a dm,or commenting especially when you guys,are getting,those frequently asked questions and,people are always,asking the same thing and you start to,notice patterns,you're going to want to make sure that,you set up this quick reply shortcut,because it's just going to save you time,right so if you have a product that,you're selling,or there's a link that people are always,asking to,or again what is it that people are,always coming to you by is there,something that you could go ahead and,set up so it's there so let me quickly,show you how to do that by sharing my,screen,so what you want to do is go to your,instagram profile tap the hamburger menu,and then you're going to want to click,settings and then once you hit settings,you either,click creator or business and right here,is where you'll be able to find your,saved,replies so the way it works is when you,you can press this little button to add,the shortcut and the message,so this is basically where you can go,and write what it is i already have one,set,up so you guys can take a look at it so,our shortcut is services right,so whenever i type in the word services,in a,message or comment this will populate so,that,i can go ahead and do it and this is,where i'm letting people know that are,like asking how can i work with you what,are ways to work with you i'm like thank,you for reaching out you can book a,one-on-one here,so actually let me show you how that,would work so i'm gonna go into my dms,let me just choose okay caitlyn we're,friends with her she won't mind,i'm gonna do services you see these,little pop-up bubbles i'm gonna click it,boom that quick reply is just set and i,can go ahead and click,send i'm not gonna be doing it i'm not,gonna send caitlyn this message now,but this is how you go ahead and do that,now,my second hack that i think is really,helpful even just for like overall,mental health on instagram,is muting accounts you can mute accounts,that that means you don't really have to,unfollow people i know a lot of times,there's like stress,over who you unfollow will this person,get offended,there's like some personalized feelings,about that and then also sometimes,people,are triggered by other creators or other,people on instagram,or even maybe competitor accounts right,they don't want to see it but they don't,want to fully unfollow them so you can,go ahead and mute it and i'm also going,to share my screen and show you guys how,you do that as well,so i just have here my personal account,um,instead you'll always see this little,following button so i can go ahead and,click mute and i can mute you know their,stories or their posts,um maybe i don't want to see this,person's stories or this person's post,and the cool thing is instagram won't,let you know that they muted them,which is awesome so you're like not,having any of those situations,so outside of the mute you know we have,the unfollow button here this is how you,would permanently,unfollow them um this is like for a lot,of people last resort they may not want,to unfollow,but they just may want to click mute and,in this section too is where you can,learn adding to close friends,which when you are posting stories it,can allow you just to show certain,content to people on a certain list,and then the restrict account it helps,you limit unwanted interactions without,having to block someone or unfollow them,your control of others can see their new,comments on your posts,and then also their chat will be moved,to your message request so that they,won't see when you've read it so there,are some,interesting ways to not get triggered by,people on social,now si

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